We Are Not Worthy! Amazing SparkLabs Mentors…

As a co-founder of SparkLabs, I sometimes step back and take a look at our roster of mentors and amazed at the level of talent and accomplishments.  It’s mind-boggling and makes me want to pull a Wayne’s World.

Our group of mentors is almost unparalleled globally.  How many startup accelerators can say:

  • They have 4 mentors who managed P & Ls of US$1 billion or greater.
  • Built a $1 billion+ video game franchise? We have two mentors.
  • Sold a company for over $1 billion or had an IPO of $1 billion or greater?  3 SparkLabs mentors.
  • A founder (not some manager, executive or early hire) that sold their company for over $100 million?  9 SparkLabs mentors.
  • Grew a company’s revenues to over $100 million?  6 SparkLab mentors.

I know I missed some mentors on these lists since I don’t know every mentor’s resume by heart or in detail.  And the list of accomplishments can go on.  I didn’t even touch venture capital raised, media recognition, awards, and other accomplishments.  Jimmy, HanJoo and I are NOT WORTHY!

- Bernard